Our Founder


Charmaine Leah is a professional esthetician and skin therapist with a deep passion for beauty and living a natural lifestyle. She specializes in natural skin care that is simple, balanced, and yields outstanding results without long-term health risks.

Having grown up with sensitive skin, she became an early adopter of alternative cosmetics that were natural, earth-friendly, and chemical-free. As a former model, she has long been an advocate of positive body image and balanced lifestyle, especially for young girls. For her, this includes the notion that what we put on our bodies is as important as what we put in them.

Charmaine Leah hosts the popular video blog which is a guide to natural and do-it-yourself skin care, beauty, fashion, and nutrition. She is a self-described "glamologist", who believes that glamour and health are not mutually exclusive.

She also is a contributing editor, "green guru", and skin care expert at TheGreenGirls, BeautyGirlBlog, CheekyTheEcoLuxeLife, and mySkin.

Her passion is helping people look and feel great in a way that is healthy, balanced, and responsible.