Our Story


Hello, I'm Charmaine Leah, the founder of Mint & Berry.

After having grown up with sensitive skin I went on to study and become a skin care therapist. I was shocked to learn that much of my suffering was caused by harsh chemicals in my beauty products. And so, out of my own search for natural products, I created Mint & Berry to help educate others on the dangers of conventional skin care products and provide alternatives which are simple, affordable, and effective without long-term health risks.

Mint & Berry is an online beauty retailer that provides organic skin care, hair, and body products which are natural, ethical, and free of synthetic ingredients. We evaluate every ingredient for effectiveness, safety, and known health risks. We've got the most unique, cult, and natural skin care brands that use only naturally derived, skin-loving ingredients.

Our products must have earned the lowest possible hazardous rating (2 or less) from The Environmental Working Group, an independent non-profit organization that maintains the SkinDeep Cosmetic Safety Database. Furthermore, our products do not contain any cancer causing, hormone disrupting, synthetic or petroleum derived ingredients, animal by-products or have been tested on animals.

Every purchase also helps make our world a better place because we donate a portion of profit to the EWG and the SkinDeep Cosmetic Safety Database.

We Love

  • pure herbal extracts
  • fruit based ingredients
  • certified-organic essential oils
  • cruelty free/no animal testing
  • eco-friendly manufacturing
  • vegan products
  • sustainable and bio-dynamic farming
  • recycled packaging
  • handmade skin care

We Avoid

  • parabens, sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate, PEG, polyethylene, phthalates
  • synthetic fragrance, artificial colorants, lake dyes
  • toxic preservatives BHT, BHA, EDTA
  • chemical antioxidants, mineral oils, petroleum, propylene glycol
  • aggressive foaming agents, solvents
  • any known or suspected carcinogens or toxins that affect the immune, reproductive or endocrine systems